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Reserve your spot

Dates: 9-16 October 2023    *LIMITED SPOTS
Trip cost: 2000$ it includes:
  • hotels 
  • guide
  • tips
  • ground transportation,
  • visits to all sites
  • kosher food
  • security guy at all times 
*Airline ticket not included (cost: aprox 600$)

Pre-trip preparation


  • Attend four classes that will give you an educational foundation on the Holocoust.

  • We will provide a list of relevant movies, and recommend books to enhance your understanding.

  • Three encounters with Holocaust survivors.

  • Group chat with the guide and rabbi Yossi to start dialogues about the Holocaust, find family and personal stories.


Itinerary highlights:

- Day 1: visit the Jewish cemetery and explore the Warsaw Ghetto.

- Day 2: Visit the Shtetl of Tiktin, explore the forest graves in Lupojova, and visit the Treblinka extermination camp.

- Day 3: Visit the Majdanek concentration camp, explore the Great Yeshiva of Lublin, and take a night walk through the old Jewish quarter.

- Day 4: Visit Lezajsk, the burial place of Rabbi Noam Elimelej, explore the Lancut synagogue, and learn about the noble family's connection to the local Jewish community. Travel to Krakow for Kabbalah Shabbat and Shabbat dinner.

- Day 5: Attend Shabbat services, explore the Kazimierz Jewish quarter in Krakow, visit the Cracow Ghetto.

- Day 6: Visit Auschwitz concentration camp and Birkenau extermination camp. 

- Day 7: Departure back home, carrying the knowledge and experiences gained during the trip.

By joining this educational trip, you will not only deepen your understanding of the Holocaust but also develop a stronger commitment to humanity, becoming a proud and compassionate advocate for remembrance and education.

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